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NIKE Tn sneakers by IA Studio & S 7

If Khalil, the CEO of IA STUDIO, were designing Nike Tn sneakers by AI gen for his portfolio without any profits, it would be a personal passion project aimed at showcasing his team's creativity and technical expertise in AI-generated design. In this scenario, Khalil would have the freedom to explore unconventional design ideas that may not be commercially viable for Nike, but would be visually striking and showcase his team's abilities. He would apply his knowledge of AI and design to create unique and innovative designs, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI-generated design. By creating these designs, Khalil would be able to showcase his skills to potential clients, and demonstrate his team's ability to deliver high-quality, innovative design solutions. While the project may not generate immediate profits, it could lead to future business opportunities and help establish IA STUDIO as a leader in AI-generated design.
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